Sleeping routine for grown ups

If you have trouble falling asleep, spend hours staring at your ceiling or counting sheeps, you might need a little help to slip into the arms of Morpheus. ?

As you already know, caffeine and sleep do not mix well, so limiting your intake to 3 coffees a day and before 4:00 p.m. is always a good idea. And don’t tink about falling back on taurine energy drinks and other stimulants, that would do exactly the same thing: keep you from sleeping.

Obviously you also know that all backlit devices (phones and laptops first) and blue light will also prevent you from sleeping, right?

What then to do to get out of the circle « I wake up tired, I drink coffee all day to keep up, I drink wine in the evening to relax and fall asleep, I wake up tired »?

A sleeping routine could be very beneficial to you. What we’re looking for here is to train your brain to understand that when certain things happen in a certain order, it can start to relax and send out the right hormones to prepare you and help you get to sleep.

A sleeping routine is very personal. Here, for example, is the ritual of a client : at 10 p.m. he puts his phone in airplane mode in the drawer of his bedside table, drinks an herbal tea, takes a shower, and settles down in his bed to read on his kindle (no backlit) until 11 p.m. From that moment, he turns off the light and waits to fall asleep. At first it could last a while, now he falls asleep within minutes.

For this client, the ritual is as follows: from 9 p.m. she puts down her phone because she has decided that it is the hour when she is no longer available for the world. She surfs a little on her laptop or watches netlfix and at 10:30 p.m. begins a series of stretching movement, specifically designed to relax her body before going to bed. Then she brushes her teeth, changes her clothes, brushes and braid her hair, and turns off the light at 11:00 p.m.

Everyone must build and stick to their own ritual. Sleep may not come in a week, but try to do this for 6 weeks, and you should notice a real change. In addition, your sleep should be much better and more restful.

Remember, however that setting up a ritual and keep on drinking stimulating drinks and coffee throughout the day, staring at your phone in bed until you fall asleep and being convinced that it won’t work will not do miracles.

Create a routine that you like, use common sense in your choices and allow yourself 6 weeks. You will sleep like a baby soon 🙂