Like many of you, I am not allowed to work at the practice at the moment. But as a therapist I can help you.

From today, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype sessions will be available, allowing you to have sessions without physical contact, via a screen, offering you the best possible help.

Because these sessions cannot give rise to an invoice reimbursable by health insurance, I take the decision to lower the price of the session by almost 25%, to 100.00 chf.

Family sessions will also be possible. If your children are worried, have questions, argue too much to make the situation bearable, we can tackle all these problems together.

Solidarity is more important today than ever. Please share this message so that people looking for a solution will know that these sessions exist.

Of course, as soon as the practice can reopen normally, the work undertaken can resume with good old fashion sessions.

Take care of yourself,