Just dare.

I’ve been thinking about opening a blog section on this site for a while now, to discuss subjects that come up most often in my practice, or just some subjects I’m interested about or which are dear to my heart.

But like many of us, I postponed this project because if I had lots of good ideas for posts, I never had the time to write them. Or I thought they wouldn’t be good enough. Or that others had already written them better. Or that scientific researches would be more useful than yet another blog post. Or that the readers would be disappointed. Or that this or that.

As a result ? I did nothing. In theory, full of great ideas, but concretely ? Nothing at all.

It was time to ask myself some questions.

Most of the time we don’t do things either because of lack of time or because we create expectations around our projects.

If it is about lack of time, the question to ask yourself could certainly be « is it a good idea to add another project if it is already difficult for me to stay above water in this moment » ?

But if it is not a question of time (and therefore more probably a question of judgment – « the others won’t like / what will they think ? / I will end disappointed by myself » -), let’s face the truth with this simple question: objectively, what is the worst thing that could happen? If I concretize my desire or my project, what is the worst thing that could happen and would have never happened if I did nothing ? And what would be the best thing that could come out of it ?

Doing this little exercise allows us to realize what really prevents us from doing something that is really meaningful to us.

If I take this post as an example, what is objectively the worst thing that could happen ? Someone could read this post, not even trying to exchange with me, and just think « oh my god this therapist really sucks ». Well, this person is entitled to have his/her own opinion, that will not change my life.

But, if I write this post, what is the most beautiful thing that can happen ? Someone could finally find this little extra spark of motivation he/she was looking for and finally tries to do something what he/she has been craving to do for a long time ?

The best far outweighs the worst, and actually, the worst is not even that scary…

Seriously, just dare, at worst what risk are you taking ? Even if you fail, it will just be another experience in your life.

Don’t overthink it, do not make assumptions, start with small projects, and I beg you, juste dare !

Fortune favours the bold.