Covid-19 and quarantine : recovering after the shock

We are not yet in total lock down in canton de Vaud, but that will not be long. This damn virus has fooled us big time.

No need to feel guilty, we were a big fat majority to think « SARS, H1N1, yes we already heard that song … » or « come on, it’s just a flu » … He really screwed us, this sneaky Covid-19, making us believe that he would not take the plane, invite himself all over the world,interfere in everyone’s life, nor make a monster mess.

Governments have also been fooled too. Between balance and the precautionary principle, it was not easy for them to take the right measures either. And when they have decided, we can recognize one thing: they did not go with the back of the spoon!

Friday evening we were all struck by the scale of the measures. I’m talking about the canton de Vaud here, but it’s almost the same everywhere: schools closed for 6 weeks, nothing less ! How are we supposed to work with our children at home? How to make them follow the school program? Can we still go out? Go run errands ? And, obviously a very important question for many of us, will there be enough pasta and toilet paper for everyone?

I think the real question here is more: and what if we calm down just a little bit ?

We have this tendency to panic and this is normal, because the situation is unprecedented. We have no repository, our parents never told us about a situation like this because they never experienced it. Our grandparents may have been quarantined, but anyway, it is not something our brains had planned to experience one day.

Be indulgent with yourself, give yourself time to process what is happening, it’s normal to feel disconcerted. Picture this : it’s like we all have hitten full force a glass door at the same time. It rang us, we vacillated, we have been scared and hurted, but by giving ourselves a little time, we’ll find our balance back. It’s time to use our superpower: resilience!

We are fortunate enough to live in a country with strong institutions, which will not let us down. Teachers are mobilizing, leaders know that we are losing money and try to find solutions for us, nobody is saying « every man for himself and god for us all » here.

Let us remain calm and united. IT WILL BE FINE. Let us take the time to fall back on our feet and regain our balance. IT WILL BE FINE.

And remember that faced with this filth of viruses, there is only one answer: social distancing! We stand at 2m, we change sidewalk, we do everything in our power so that this pesky Covid-19 finds itself without a host and dies of hunger. Basically, we deprive him of food and shelter.

Let be smart, act in solidarity, stay at home, follow the instructions, and IT WILL BE FINE.